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Oceanside Sedation Dentist

Are you looking for an Oceanside sedation dentist?

Did you know that many dentists provide conscious sedation options for those of us with dental anxiety or phobia for a particular procedure? According to a recent study, up to 15% of people in the US avoid seeking dental care due to fear or misconceptions about their treatment. Fully aware that avoiding treatment allows existing conditions to develop and worsen over time, your Oceanside sedation dentist is trying to help dissuade patients of their fears and turn the tide against this tendency. Providing the highest quality in comprehensive dental care with an experienced and gentle touch, Alan J Schwartz DDS is deeply committed to helping his patients feel at ease while achieving excellent results.

Oceanside Sedation Dentist

Being particularly conscientious of your anxiety, your Oceanside sedation dentist provides a variety of oral sedation options depending on the nature of your procedure. Generally prescribed and taken prior to a procedure, oral sedation is very safe and effective for keeping patients at ease. With oral sedation, though you’ll be awake for your dental procedure, most patients find that they remember very few details of the procedure afterward. One of the benefits of oral sedation is that the effects of the pill often last well after the appointment, so most patients don’t experience pain following an invasive procedure. Your Oceanside sedation dentist may require you to have an escort to bring you to and from the office for your safety.

Apart from offering oral sedation options, your Oceanside sedation dentist also makes use of several alternative methods for keeping you comfortable. Emphasizing communication, Dr. Schwartz makes sure that you’re prepared, addressing any questions or concerns about your treatment you may have. Many patients have also found controlled breathing or listening to music during treatment to be quite effective methods for quelling their dental anxiety. To schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist that is committed to your comfort during care, call the office of Alan J Schwartz DDS at the number below.


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