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Did you know that over forty thousand root canals are performed each day? When decay, infection or trauma has impacted the nerve tissue deep inside your tooth, root canal therapy is the best solution for saving your natural tooth. Alan J Schwartz DDS, your experienced Kew Gardens dentist, provides root canal therapy and conscientious support to ensure your comfort and ease during your procedure.

Kew Gardens Dentist

Deep inside your teeth, beneath the hard enamel, is a central chamber filled with connective tissue, blood vessels and the nerve of each tooth. Known as the dental pulp, when injury or infection occurs, the nerve can become damaged beyond repair, making the tooth and surrounding tissue susceptible to infection. Root canal therapy involves removing the damaged tissue, then cleaning, disinfecting and sealing the central chamber to protect against further damage and to prevent re-infection. After a root canal is performed, your tooth may require a restoration, typically a filling or crown depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth. Providing the state-of-the-art in restorative options, your Kew Gardens dentist offers tooth colored fillings, as well as custom crowns, matched to the shade, shape, and proportions of your teeth and mouth resulting in excellent function and an aesthetically pleasing, natural appearance.

Many patients have a certain level of dental anxiety about root canal treatment. You should be reassured knowing that your Kew Gardens dentist takes special care to put you at ease and feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Emphasizing communication, and a variety of calming techniques ranging from controlled breathing, listening to music, to oral sedation options, Dr. Alan J Schwartz is committed to keeping you fully informed and relaxed while in his care. To schedule an appointment with a skilled experienced dental professional, call the office of Dr. Alan J Schwartz DDS today.


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