Dental Checkup 11572

11572 Dental Checkup

When was the last time you had a checkup at your dentist’s office? You may not know it, but the American Dental Association recommends not only daily brushing and flossing as critical to your oral health, but also scheduling regular checkups and cleanings with your dentist. If you’re in Oceanside, you can catch up on your oral health with a dental checkup 11572, right here at the office of Dr. Alan J Schwartz DDS, your resource for exceptional quality dental care in the area. Whether it’s a comprehensive oral exam, or a routine cleaning that you require, with nearly 30 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Alan J Schwartz is highly qualified to help.

Dental Checkup 11572

Certainly, you’re aware of the plaque that accumulates as a sticky film over and in-between your teeth? If you were to look at through the lens of a microscope, you might be quite surprised to find that much of it is living. It’s true, about 20% (on average) of plaque consists of microscopic colonies of harmful bacteria, that can erode the enamel of your teeth and burrow down into your gums. And guess what; tooth decay and gum disease—the two most common dental conditions in adults—are caused when plaque has its way, and isn’t removed from your mouth. Enter the help of Alan J Schwartz, DDS. Providing teeth cleanings as well as your routine dental checkup 11572, he can help you to establish and maintain excellent oral health, providing dental care that takes a preventive stance against gum disease and decay.

Providing dental care for every member of your family, Dr. Schwartz also offers a routine dental checkup 11572 for children including preventive services designed to guard their teeth from decay, such as the application of dental sealants and periodic fluoride treatment. Each are safe and proven methods of guarding against plaque buildup and dental decay, particularly in hard to reach areas.

To make sure your oral health is on the right track—and stays that way—call to make an appointment with Dr. Alan J Schwartz, providing excellence in dental care for the greater New York City area since 1989.


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